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Clinics, Online Courses, Wagon Services, Lessons, Equine Assisted Therapy & Learning,
Shire Horses  & Hampshire Sheep

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Professional and certified services in many areas. Instructor has 16 years teaching Ag, Welding and Equine Sciences at the college and high school levels.

~Clinics, Lessons, Online Classes

~Equine Assisted Therapy & Learning

~Wagon Services


~Addictions Counseling, Anger Management, CP&R 

~Boarding & Horse Motel

Shire Horses

We have spared no expense or time to bring the best genetics to our region. Every horse is hand selected for conformation, dispostion, and pedigree. All matings are planned with the idea that every foal will be better than its parents.  Every year we have full Shire foals and Sport Horse Foals for sale.  Our stallions stand to the public for breeding.


Hampshire Sheep

Our son opperates with us 7 Mile Hampshires. Our program consists of the best genetics in the country from leading breeders.  We show both fitted and slick shorn divisions. We always have ewes, rams and wethers for sale. 

Custom fed lamb forsale whole, half or by the cut. 



Welcome to Big Sky Shires & Equine Services and 7 Mile Hampshires!

We are a family owned business in the heart of the Badlands of Eastern Montana. We pride ourselves on  quality genetics that meet the needs of our industries.  Our sheep and horses ship all over the US and Canada.  


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