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Our stallion line up encompasses the best genetics in Canada, US and England. We currently stand 3 outstanding well bred Black Shire Stallions.   Each year we offer a limited number of breedings to outside approved mares.  Click on the "Stallions" heading above to see more of our boys. 

 Illusion Farms Rustic Master  2014 Stallion

Big Sky One Tuff Monty 2015 Stallion

Starcastle Navigator 2017 Stallion


Our Shire mares are as pretty as they come and bost as good of pedigrees as our stallions. These girls also hold show records and work in harness. They work in our equine assisted therapy programs as well as deliver our outstanding babies. Click on the "Shire Mares" heading to see our girls. 


These outstanding mares line up our sport horse program. Color, conformation, and pedigree ensure that our sport horse babies are not only pretty but they are correct and stylish.  Click on the "Performance Mares" heading to see our girls. 


Every year we hand select and breed to produce the best full Shire and Shire sport horse foals possible. These foals are for sale on stallion, gelding, and filly contracts.  We often retain a filly as needed to keep our mare population at its peak.  Click on the "For Sale" heading to see the past foals sold and details of current listings. 

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